Strategic execution made simple, goodbye to spreadsheets

Execute and track your business strategy in a single source of truth.

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Our product

Tracking your business strategy execution with clear objectives and asynchronous communication makes your business more organized, productive, and with greater growth potential.

Organized and contextualized information available for the entire team to collaborate, even if they are distant.

Everything your team needs in one place

Indicators and strategic objectives
Initiative execution
Weekly schedules
Email and messaging exchange
Tracking spreadsheet
Dashboard management
Deliveries outside strategic objectives
Lack of consolidated information
Manual management of everything
Management overload

We understand the challenges of strategic execution

With Comtext, you transform your organization with agile, transparent, and effective management.

Easy access

Cloud platform, no installation required. Access from any browser, from any device, at any time.


Never lose sight of anything! Receive notifications as initiatives progress or if something has been unattended for too long.


Have an intuitive and consolidated dashboard, allowing your team to have a reliable context and make more assertive decisions.

Loved worldwide

More than a platform, a purpose to create simpler, reliable work environments with better results.

    • A Comtext nos ajudou a manter o foco no que realmente é importante em nossa operação. Disponibilizarmos de forma clara os objetivos e iniciativas aos envolvidos, está sendo muito útil na execução e no atingimento de nossas metas.

      Rodrigo Luckow
      CEO at BoxTI
    • A chave para o sucesso de qualquer empresa não está no planejamento - está na organização necessária para que ele seja executado com primor mesmo considerando as tantas intempéries que sempre vão ocorrer ao longo do caminho. É essa organização, essa visão, que a Comtext entrega de maneira simples, prática e absolutamente eficiente.

      Ricardo Almeida
      CEO & Founder at Clube de Autores
    • Migramos toda a gestão e acompanhamento dos nossos planos estratégicos para a plataforma Comtext. Estamos tendo uma boa experiência com a facilidade e praticidade do uso, de maneira que expandimos para projetos com clientes. A forma com que a plataforma organiza as iniciativas e automaticamente alerta sobre seus status nos ajuda a manter o constante acompanhamento e atualização.

      Wellington Machado
      General Manager LatAm at 1WorldSync

About us

We are the platform that simplifies the execution and monitoring of company-wide initiatives.

We uniquely solve your team's communication and productivity challenges.

Our mission is to simplify the day-to-day running of organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, send an email to our support team and we'll get in touch.

    • Do I need to have the strategy defined to use Comtext?

      No, the important thing is to search with your team for existing initiatives in your company, regardless of whether they are already being executed. The first step is to track the execution of these and over time you align them with the strategy.

    • Does Comtext provide implementation and support?

      Yes, our team has experts for each stage, and besides the platform, we will provide people with knowledge to implement and support.

    • What is the investment required for me to have this platform?

      Contact us, schedule a demo, after that, with an understanding of your business's situation, we will send a proposal tailored to your company.

    • How long will it take to implement Comtext in my company?

      From 1 to 4 weeks, we take into account the existing information about initiatives from all areas, with this mapped out in the first meeting, we can have an estimated date.

    • What is the minimum number of employees I should have to hire Comtext?

      There is no minimum number, as the number of employees increases, Comtext becomes even more valuable, as the challenge of strategic communication only increases.